Your Pension, Your Future, Your Say
Time is of the essence - Don't risk your right to be balloted

Dear LMC Members,

Your NHS pension is under attack. What happens next is up to you

The UK Government has begun a wholesale reform of your pension deal; the long-term deal you thought had been agreed only three years ago. Under the government's new scheme all doctors will pay a lot more and most will have to work longer.

What can I do about it today?
In the event of a ballot on industrial action, you will only be able to have your say if we have up-to-date workplace details for you.

Don't risk losing your right to have your say - ensure your workplace details are up to date:

Phone 0300 123 123 3

What happens next?
The BMA has launched Your pension. Your future. Your say, a drive to ensure as many doctors and medical students as possible are aware of, and understand, the government’s proposals for the NHS pension scheme. It includes a simple online tool for BMA members to update their workplace details — vital information for a successful ballot.

As soon as negotiations are concluded – which is likely to be at the end of the year – we will ask our members for their views to determine whether or not we proceed to a ballot on industrial action.

Make sure you know what the reforms mean for you and your profession.

Yours sincerely
Dr David Bailey
Chairman of Wales General Practice Committee

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