This year was an interesting LMC conference in the midst of changes and uncertainty in England. What was very noticable and worrying in some ways was that the agenda was very Anglo-Centric .

We felt on behalf of a Welsh LMC that this was concerning as it might indicate furtther future division and diversion between England and the devolved nations in General Practice terms and there is strength in GPC staying a UK wide body.

We did talk to a motion on behalf of DPLMC "That there shold be no Borders to Health care" and the motion was voted in unanimously.

It has also been taken forward for the ARM of the BMA this week.

The motions and others can be read on the BMA website here;

Also streaming video of the whole day is available on the same page, our motion was towards the end of day 1.

There were several other more contentious issues debated including potential responses to possible future changes over pensions and the cost of revalidation in the current economic climate.


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